Sunday, January 31, 2010

Curious Placements

Coming across an ordinary object in anunexpected location gives pause for thought.

Why up there? To make a statement about something.
Who put it there? The museum display designers.

In photographing such exhibits, or even happenstance objects out on the street, enigma can be heightened by having people cross at the right moment.

In this case the people also form the bottom vertices making a triangular composition.

Canon 5D II, 17-40mm, f4, 1/40 sec, NY: MoMA, 090709


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Monday, January 25, 2010


Bokeh in a photographic context means out of focus areas in a photograph.

The result is that one part of the photograph is clear and sharp and other
usually less important areas are blurred. Faces and flowers are good subjects for this treatment.

 Bokkeh effects on natural photographs are achieved by adjusting lens aperture or using a telephoto lens. Bokeh images can also be produced by using a mask on the lens, or manipulating the image digitally.

 An example of a flower taken with a telephoto zoom lens. Standing close to the subject and zooming in (keeping aperture open to the max in this case f4) brings the subject into sharp focus and blurring the background.

 The original Japanese verb “bokeru” (惚ける) has two meanings: (1) to grow senile, dull or forgetful in one’s thinking and (2) out of focus as in a blurred photograph.

 An artist may blur parts of a painting to create the same effect.

 A collection of bokeh pictures is at

Canon 5D 70-200m 1/1250 sec f4 Kaohsiung 100118

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Two trees, two signs, two men.

Elements of a balanced scene.

Symmetrical compositions can be dull or mannered, but symmetry can also enliven an everyday scene.

Canon 40D 70-200mm, 1/125 sec, 080826 Wolfsburg


Thursday, January 7, 2010



People pointing, indicating, demonstrating, signaling, and showing…. Pictures of people pointing often don’t show the object being pointed at; it’s out of the picture. But we can guess roughly what it might be…. Sometimes.

This photograph is not only a study of a guide guiding and tourists touring, but also a frozen moment to kindle our curiosity about “What could it be?”

The elderly gazers’ expressions, the younger guide’s turned head and outstretched arm, assisted by the angled crutch, pull attention out of the left side of the picture, and provoke guessing, speculation, and conjecture about the out-of-picture object that the tourists are being told is important.

In this case, a car factory. Surprise?

Canon 40D, 70-200mm. 1/125 sec. 080826 Wolfsburg


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